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Our magazine has already presented some of the most recognizable names in painting and sculpture. Allowing their work to become accessible to a wide audience.



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About Us

The largest online artists gallery & community

Devotion to the cause makes any project shine in a special light. Enthusiasm and a willingness to serve others bring human value and make everything more endearing and significant.

The Guide Artists still believes that art is a way of life. Humanity needs more meaningful art to dream, more artists who dare to be creative and sincere and freely express their true selves.


About our City

Cadiz is very dear to us. It is a city of Andalusia, a region in southern Spain. Cadiz is on a small strip of land surrounded by sea and has truly remarkable beaches.
Cadiz is also an ancient city of great historical value. It was founded by Phoenician traders more than 3000 years ago and through its long history, Cadiz has been welcoming to many different cultures.

Nowadays it is still full of life, light, inspiration, joy, determination and creativity.
Cadiz is a great source of inspiration for us and it will always have an important place in our hearts.

Ramón A Olivares, born in Cadiz on December 21, 1982, has been passionate about art since childhood, as he loved drawing mixed with technology and thinking about the infinite possibilities this could have. So he started studying at the Graphic Design School in Cadiz and took some master classes.

Before founding The Guide Artists, Ramón worked for years as a art director in different companies, gaining extensive experience. Then he started his career as a digital artist and won some awards like Hugo Boss and Coca Cola. He has had some exhibitions, such as the Agora Art Gallery in New York, and with his company OVE he has collaborated with several recognized brands, for whom he has created the best designs for their corporate logos, such as Herbal Essences, Prada, Hugo Boss…




London, United Kingdom. 2008

Hotel Plaza. Cadiz, Spain. 2008

Agora Gallery. New York, USA. 2012

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2012


After a successful professional career as a digital artist, Ramón wanted to turn his life around 180 degrees and dedicate himself to helping aspiring artists and easing their path, knowing exactly how difficult it can be. Now he dedicates his life entirely to The Guide Artists, which started as a small dream that is turning into a big reality.

We hope you enjoy with us this new project that starts with the new website and to which we have dedicated many hours and enthusiasm.

Thanks to you, we are already a big family that continues to grow little by little.


Words | Jennifer Gómez

Advertising Chief The Guide Artists

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