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Our magazine has already presented some of the most recognizable names in painting and sculpture. Allowing their work to become accessible to a wide audience.



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About The Author

The Guide Artists is a brand dedicated to showcasing the best in international contemporary art.

A universal language that feels through each piece of art

A new way and in it many more windows to open. We want to start creating synergies with other brands.

The Guide Artists has announced its featured artists for April 2021.

Devotion to the cause makes any project shine in a special light. Enthusiasm and a willingness to serve others bring human value and make everything more endearing and significant.

Troj recasts the fairer sex as powerful creatures

1975 Born in Alicante, Spain. 1994 Schule für angewandte Kunst, Alicante (Alicante School of Applied Arts and Crafts), Spain. 1995 Faculty of Fine Arts of Granada, Spain. 1996 Faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia, Spain. 1998 Erasmus-Stipendiat, Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Germany. I have

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