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The Guide Artists envisions a future where everyone is moved by art every day. To get there, we’re expanding the art market to support more artists and art around the world. As the magazine to discover, buy, and sell fine art, The Guide Artists believes that the process of buying art should be as brilliant as art itself. That’s why we’re dedicated to making a joyful, welcoming experience that connects collectors with the artists and artworks they love.



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Issue 53 . March 2022


The Guide Artists 5th Anniversary

A great special issue begins, and so special that we have already reached the 5th anniversary of our magazine. Our magazine a mandatory highlight in the world of the arts. I have always work that since my beginnings I have remained faithful to my principles as a person and an artist. It is true that over time more doors have closed for us than we have opened, although we have met incredible people along the way and others that have not been so pleasant, although I imagine that the world is always full of all kinds of people. Since every issue I have published over the years has been a personal development for me, I have tried to help the artist who has been helped and to connect with others who have treated us mostly at a low level and with very little education.

I have created something valuable, something that more than many people can never understand or even imagine, as they usually live with being superior to others, increasing their ego, whether as a person or in this case as an artist. Nevertheless, this journey continues for the artists who believe in me, who believe in The Guide Artists, and who believe in Collector Masters as an ambitious project where communication is a unique and special growth for each of the artists I have met. With the unconditional support of my partner and future wife Jennifer Gómez, my project is growing tremendously month after month. We are not a company that works only to earn an honest living, but we work so that art changes, so that the artist opens his eyes once and for all and stops looking only at his most selfish side, remembering that there are still people who leave their skin, their eyes and their time to give freshness to art.

This issue is more than special, because great artists like Lesley Thiel, Cesar Santos, Juan Cossio, Sebastian Nasta and many others, make this journey worthwhile. Because my present is what matters most to me, and for you as artists I will continue to open windows so you can admire once and for all the beauty of things well done. Let ́s begin!






Issue 53 March 2022

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The Guide Artists create high quality books with premier artists to produce a full line of art books represent the best international contemporary art.

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