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Issue 57 . July 2022


Art and feelings

For the second time, I am writing an editorial for this magazine and, based on the events I have witnessed in the social networks in the last few months, my message should be very different from the one I am about to write.

The first option was a criticism of social networks and the consequences they bring, such as taking advantage of the work of others, the lack of appreciation of the work done… By the way, I wonder if anyone would give away their work or work for free… value the effort and many other things that come with using social networks. A means that could be very positive, only some people use them to deceive or simply not value work, effort or improvement. Because having power and anonymity in your hands does not give you the right to value nothing, criticize and insult and pretend accounts to take advantage of someone else’s work.

After the small criticism and without going deeper into this topic, I want to talk about something positive.

I have been working for The Guide Artists for almost two years and I still feel the same illusion and feeling month after month with each issue of the magazine we will promote. I remember my first issue like it was yesterday… It was December, issue 40 and on the cover was a painting by Carolien Van Olphen. I was amazed at how beautiful the cover and the content of the magazine were. And so, issue after issue, I have the same illusion as I did the night before the issue was published, as if I were a girl the night before Christmas.

This month we are lucky enough to have Raquel di Carvalho on the cover. I remember she was one of the artists I admired the most from the beginning, in particular I fell in love with one of her paintings “Existencia no lineal”. When I found out she was going to be on the cover, I could not believe it. And that’s how I feel today, Thursday, as I write this editorial with an emotion and excitement that’s hard to explain.

Thank you also to Layla Vladi for giving us such a beautiful backcover, and to all the artists who into on this issue. Very few people can say they love their work, but I can say I love my work and enjoy art, magazines, books, and my love-hate relationship with social media every day. I hope you enjoy this issue with the same emotion we did it with. Let ́s begin!


Jennifer Gómez

Advertising Chief





Issue 57 July 2022

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The Guide Artists create high quality books with premier artists to produce a full line of art books represent the best international contemporary art.

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