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Issue 62 . February 2023


Light in the darkness

Darkness can have many meanings. When we think of darkness, the meaning we give it can be fear, sadness, loneliness… In fact, darkness is the absence of light and clarity that makes it difficult for people to perceive things, objects and even other people and their feelings. It is normal to be afraid when darkness causes us to be unable to control the situation. However, if we stop and think about the other side of the coin, its most positive side, we can see that the darkness invites us to find ourselves, to reflect, to meditate, to experience an intimate moment with ourselves in which we get to know ourselves better. The darkness also invites us to rest, peace and solitude, to escape from all the stimuli to which we are exposed during the day. A moment in which we find our inner light.

If we give it a negative meaning, we will realize that after dark times of loneliness, when we have hit rock bottom, there is always a little light that keeps us going and makes us realize even more how wonderful clarity can be.

This month we have the wonderful artist Carla Paine on the cover. A painting that, although full of darkness, highlights the infinite beauty of light and makes us appreciate the beautiful colors and their feelings. Let us enjoy another month the beauty of art, colors and why not? Even from the darkness.

Let ́s begin!





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The Guide Artists create high quality books with premier artists to produce a full line of art books represent the best international contemporary art.

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