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The Guide Artists envisions a future where everyone is moved by art every day. To get there, we’re expanding the art market to support more artists and art around the world. As the magazine to discover, buy, and sell fine art, The Guide Artists believes that the process of buying art should be as brilliant as art itself. That’s why we’re dedicated to making a joyful, welcoming experience that connects collectors with the artists and artworks they love.



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Issue 45 . May 2021

A new month in our magazine shines, the bright and charming spring surprises us with great and talented artists. Each time we get closer to the anticipated Issue 50 of “The Guide Artists”, we renew and learn each month to bring a bit of cultural diversity into your homes in times that are a breath of fresh air for many to find inspiration.

This Issue 45 could not be so brilliant without the work of hyper-realist artist “Sergey Piskunov”, where we see paintings that are eager for any collector.

It has been an intense month with the great response we have had with the new web 3.0 of “The Guide Artists”, more and more purists want to read news on a daily updated website and put aside the world of likes for a bit.
Without a doubt, I’ve always envisioned a place where readers like you can enjoy content without having a paid subscription.

Because I’m still more excited than the first day I jumped into this huge world that is art. So I want you to get in touch with us to get your ideas, suggestions or whatever you want so we can continue to offer a different publication and most importantly with personality.

Thanks again to all the artists who have been with us from the beginning. We feel energised and of course my partner and a server are very proud to have created something so authentic and personal.

Let the month of May begin! Let ́s begin!



Duffy Sheridan has been painting since he was a child. His father, also an artist, encouraged him to learn to paint anything and everything. He has traveled the world and dedicated his artistic life to the discovery and expression of beauty as he sees it.


Painting is jealous and requires that a person belongs to it whole. An emotional outburst that forces the artist to turn his soul inward and leave it on the canvas – this is how the Ukrainian artist Sergey Piskunov sees the work of his life. Hyperrealistic paintings, possessing their own charm and character, children of a unique inspiration – they reflect, like no other, the inner state of their creator, the depth of his personality and expose him to the outside world. Today, the works of Sergey testify to his talent not only in Ukraine, but also in Germany, Great Britain, USA, Switzerland and many other countries.


Sergey Piskunov is the embodiment of a free artist, independent of market trends, whose faithful compass and guide is the perception of the world through the prism of his own inspiration and talent.


Nudes May 2021 | Marco Campos was born in Costa Rica in 1978. After graduating in Graphic Design, he has worked in advertising and animation for several years. Now he’s pursuing his long held aspiration of becoming an artist. Coming from the digital world and being self-taught for many years, he recently joined an atelier and has attended some workshops to try and learn the techniques of the old masters.


Daniel Robbins is an emerging artist who deftly presents a variety of images — painterly landscapes, still life compositions, interiors with figurative elements.


Carla Louise Paine (b. 1982) American, was educated in the traditions and techniques of classical oil painting in Florence, Italy. There, at the Florence Academy of Art, she completed three years of intense study, spending her last trimester in 2010 in Sweden at the Academy’s Scandinavian branch. Prior to that she studied at the highly regarded School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Aurelio Rodriguez Lopez was born in 1958 in Andalusia. He moved to Madrid in 1976 to train as an engineer but gave up university to pursue his love of art.


Ali Hammad, the second child of his parents, was born in 1985 at Quetta, Pakistan. Reared coincidently in a happy favorable circumstance wherein his father (an English Professor) filled in with valuable and inspiring knowledge on art and literature.


Melissa Franklin Sanchez was born in 1984, in Warwickshire, England. In 2002 she graduated from her humanistic studies: Art, Music, English Literature, Performing Arts and Ballet. In 2003 she completed an intensive art foundation course at the Slade School of Art, London. She then enrolled at the Florence Academy of art, a school dedicated to the study of realistic and figurative art. She graduated with the three-year diploma in painting and was offers a 4th year of specialization.


Born in Bochum, Germany, Schmidt encountered frequent relocations. Her family moved to Vietnam and Thailand before her sixth birthday.


“Art helps us to personalize what we imagine, to capture the imaginary, and to transmit our thoughts.”


“I shall live while I paint, I shall die when I cease. Art is my essence, it is my feeling, it is my being. If there is no art, there is no life”.


Artist Anna Tivik lives and creates in Moscow, Russia. Anna was born in a small town in the center of Russia and grew up in the family of a teacher and a worker in the oil industry. Anna has been drawing since childhood and studied at an art school. For several years she worked in graphic and interior design. Anna started creating modern paintings 2 years ago after having a child.


In my commissioned portraits, I strive to show the sitter’s personality in a way that positively reflects his or her own ego and self-image, and that will be familiar to people who know him or her well.






Issue 45 May 2021

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The Guide Artists create high quality books with premier artists to produce a full line of art books represent the best international contemporary art.

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