Akika Kurata 倉田明佳 . Humans embrace

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Japanese artist Akika Kurata specialized in watercolors and trained at the University of Tokyo. Kurata’s dreamy and delicate paintings present surreal scenes rich in metaphorical symbolism ranging from themes about memory to sexuality. It emphasizes the crude depth that the eyes of its protagonists give off. Unforgettable...

The faded color palette used in the works of Akika Kurata belief that the works are at a single glance imprinted on the mind. With the outstanding power of depiction and provocative canvas composition, the people painted in the works give viewers a feeling of their actual existence.

Humans embrace any number of feelings in their day to day life. People long to be “cheerful”, “happy”, and “fortunate”, and are content with that. At the same time, they cannot hope to avoid the inevitability of “sad”, “difficult”, and “unfortunate”. In saying this, however, one may see a beauty that makes one shudder when observing images of people experiencing these feelings or experiences. With this solo exhibition, I look at the “composition” of girls that live alongside me in this same age and place and explore the feelings that are unique to them alone



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