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Artist Statement 

"Being an artist is not a choice-it's a compulsion. And I'm compelled beyond any reasonable doubt."

I have always found the process of old master painting both intriguing (the secrets of imprimatura) and rewarding. The ability to capture scenes and objects through creative visions provide endless enjoyment. As an artist, I can get lost in the initial discovery process as I immerse myself in a variety of activities such as reading literature and watching the world around me followed by the actual painting.

I now try to improve on every aspect of the process from seeing the initial possibilities in a scene, to capturing and meticulously producing a painting of exceptional quality. I hope to steadily learn and improve my craft through interactions with other artists and workshops as well as independent study and endless practice. My goal is to follow the steps of the old masters and execute lasting pieces of art that will remain forever in the homes of passionate art collectors throughout the world.

Creative interpretations of engaging scenes and landscapes are my main interests. I constantly seek out opportunities by entering fine art competitions and collaborations with other fellow artists. 

All these activities help me to raise my level of awareness in acquiring complete knowledge as I know not to live a life of comfortable ignorance but to work hard in mastering the craft and its application. Ultimately, I look forward in making a mark as a well known and respected artist in Canada and other parts of the world.



"Shakespeare's Temple"

Jasmina Tuzovic Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: TBA 2018 

Jasmina Tuzovic, a concept creator of fine oil paintings, digital arts, photography and cinematography first started out as a fashion designer in Toronto but soon discovered her true mission in life. Studying the Old Master techniques gave her the confidence to explore the creative stages of other mediums. When she discovered digital painting and cinematography, her interest soared to a new level. It enabled her to experiment and free herself from the strict rules of traditional oil painting. Her works are guided by the powerful minds of master artists, composers, musicians, philosophers and visionaries of the past.

Shakespeare's Temple / Solo Exhibition TBA 2018 

Toronto-the host city of Jasmina's solo exhibition will feature fine oil paintings, a short collaborative "creative's documentary " and an introductory film attributing to the "Shakespeare's Temple" art collection.

This exhibition will spare no drama as Jasmina's narrative paintings can no doubt speak for themselves. Her use of imagery connects with the audience allowing each piece to express its own emotional performance-a deeply personal connection to Jasmina.

A series of 18 oil paintings and a short motion picture will bring up the debate of Shakespeare's identity and his prolific writings. His secrets- exposed!  If you're as intrigued as we are, you won't want to miss "Shakespeare's Temple". 


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A selection of paintings by Jasmina Tuzovic





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