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Born in 1985 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Bachelor of Design for Graphic Communication at the University of Guadalajara. Qualification for academic excellence in 2008. In 2009 concludes oil painting course at Cabañas Cultural Institute “Hospicio Cabañas” and printmaking studies in the Museum of Journalism and Graphic Arts. Salon de Octubre’s winner in 2011. His works are in private collections in Mexico, United States, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

He was seduced by the oil painting during college, in which he works almost completely actually. Baroque and chiaroscuro of Rembrandt admirer, as inventiveness of painters like Velazquez, Salvador Dalí, Vermeer, Picasso, Goya or Remedios Varo, he creates little by little his own symbolism. At the beginning, in an empirical way, he reaches the visual media to communicate different concepts like death, fear or hypocrisy, without limitations of animal characters, humans or objects to do it. The main goal of his work is the creation of a collage that when it integrates represents a believable portrait of the world, not about the looks of the things, just of their scent.

Generally, paintings, although different, have the same search, that of taking reality and presenting it from a different angle, often looking for the contradiction of the ordinary to bring attention to it, and sometimes highlighting it, somehow trying that what is really true gets discovered. In each painting I try, with every kind of elements - animals, humans, objects of any type-, to create a collage that, in its integration, represents a portrait, not of the aspect of things, but of their essence. They are paintings to be seen not by the artist, but by the spectator, looking for a communication, so somehow the observer is surprised by the different, but feeling familiarity, feeling that behind it there is something that concerns him. When the rabbit appears I refer to innocence; when the mask of fox, hypocrisy; machines are cold and human characters live together without problems in a contradictory world of nightmare, that represents the real world without the wrappings that make it more digestible.


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