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Academy of Arts In Gdansk, Painting Department, a diploma from phd Maciej Swieszewski atelier, 2011

I like to make my own "philosophying” which means that I like to ask myself with universal questions about life and everything that touches in life. What makes me – this unique person – myself? What is true happiness? What is real freedom? So I think about my art, and paintings very personal, and my own experiences, thoughts and feelings are always starting point to my works. Then I develop it into something more general, for you. I want you to see in my works something personal for you, not only my story but a reflection of your story too. I believe in people, that everyone has thoughts about important things in life. About beauty, being honest, about inner power, and justice. And I am sure that it is exactly what makes us who we really are. This is why they are so important, and why I paint them. I am most interested in the inner strength that we sometimes feel in ourselves. When confronted with opponents, we know that physical force is important, but also cunning and thinking. In my opinion, there is something else – inner strength – a determination that will dominate everything and could win with both, physical force and mind. This fascinates me in people.

Each of my paintings is a separate project with a specific subject. Recently, short texts have become an integral part of the work – my own poetry – about what moved me, what inspired the project.

“I take Inspiration from what I see around me, but my personal thoughts are only the starting point and inspiration for the research on the man and his condition.”

Anna Wypych, based in Poland, paints realistic portraits in the traditional oil technique. Her art contains elements of hyperrealism, surrealism, and expressionism. Characteristic for her are philosophical texts, which always complements her works. Anna Wypych received the master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. During her studies received eight national awards and grants. Wypych won the Grand Prix in the national competition „Artistic Journey of Hestia 2010”, „Pomeranian Artistic Hope 2011” and the Certificate of Excellence, Palm Art Award 2012, Germany. Wypych painting is included in the permanent collection of the European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona in Spain, and National Museum in Gdansk, Poland. She presented her works at many juried exhibitions including: „BP Portrait Award 2014”, National Portrait Gallery, London; „Modportrait 2014” Foundation Bantierra, Zaragoza, „Women Painting Women 2014” Principle Gallery Charleston, SC USA, „The Elite of Contemporary art from Realism to the High Definition.” The National Museum of History of Moldova, Chișinau, Moldova;  „Something more than realism … VIII”, Zaragoza, Spain, and 11 International 2014-2015 ARC Salon” the Salmagundi Club, New York, NYC, USA, „Modportrait 2016” IAACC Pablo Serano, Instituto Aragones de Arte y Cultura Contemporaneos, Zaragoza, Spain. Recognized as the ARC Living Master the Art Renewal Center. She has presented her work in galleries and museums in Europe and the USA. She lives and works in Gdynia.


Exhibitions: (*Solo Shows)

2018 The Bodies of work” figurative invitational exhibition, Principle Gallery, Alexandria (Virginia USA)

2018 Juried exhibition „Vision of Venus/Venus’ Vision”curated by Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt and Steven Alan Bennett curators of The Bennett Collection. Zhou B Art Center, Chicago

2017 Women Painting Women: A Voice with Vision” Richard J Demato Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY USA

2017 Women Painting Women: In Earnest” J. Wayne Stark Galleries Texas A & M University, College Station, TX USA

2017 Women Painting Women: In Earnest” Customs House Museum Clarksville, TN USA

2017 Modportrait 2016” The MEAM Museum, Barcelona, Spain

2017 Modportrait 2016” IAACC Pablo Serano, Instituto Aragones de Arte y Cultura Contemporaneos, Zaragoza, Spain

2017 Small works” Gallery 1261, Denver CO, USA

2016 Secret life of your mind” Principle Gallery Charleston, SC USA*

2016 Among the faces” (curator: Wojciech Deptula) The National Gallery in Sopot, Poland

2016 Salon rejected” (curator: Piotr Sarzyński) The National Gallery in Sopot, Poland

2016 11 International 2014-2015 ARC Salon” the Salmagundi Club, New York, NYC, USA

2015 11 International 2014-2015 ARC Salon” the MEAM Museum, Barcelona, Spain

2015 Something more than realism … IX” Exhibition Hall of the Aragonese Artistic Association, Zaragoza, Spain

2015 Unfurl” Gallery 1261, Denver CO, USA

2015 2 Modportrait 2014” The European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain




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