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Wanda Stang is born in Germany and living and working in Berlin. She completed studies in painting and pedagogy for Waldorf schools as well as studies of Fine Arts in Baden-Württemberg. In 2014 she was a Meisterschüler at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art, where she graduated from classes of textile and surface design. 


Artist Statement

The works of Wanda Stang forever perambulate notions of self-awareness. Within her paintings, she renders strong and confident female characters who meet our eyes with an intentional calm and focus. They act as ideals, returning our own reflection as if from a specular image. Confronted with ourselves, we’re forced to address our own being.

The tondo, Ansati (2017), shows three young women gazing into a mirror. Both engaging and contrasting the mythical Narcissus, whose amour-propre ultimately became his downfall, the women gain strength from their visage. They recognize themselves and the path they wish to take. “Dreams and desires characterize the human. Everyone has a driving force inside. One has to recognize and understand it to be able to go one’s own way”, the artist says.

Development and progress can take place only if one can break free of conditioned behavior. The familiar environment can only be the starting point. In this way, Stang’s pictorial worlds originate in reality but soon go beyond. The situation remains unclear, mysterious, and apparently snatched from some larger context. Her protagonists could exist in reality, but the scenes elude the known possibilities. In this way, Stang’s paintings serve to instruct through their allegories of humanity, as reflected in the social circumstances or character traits presented.

Stang attentively renders the clothing and jewelry of her protagonists with patterns and elements, such as circles or triangles, that can be found within nearly any period of art and across most cultures. As a result, they seek to elude classification as they possess a time and space outlasting desire.

Tina Sauerländer (art historian, curator and writer/ director peer to space)  on works of Wanda Stang.


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