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Elisa Anfuso is an Italian painter, who spends most of her life in Wonderland.

She graduated with Honors from the Fine Arts Academy of Catania, her hometown and where she currently lives, and a Master’s Degree with a specialization for teaching Painting Disciplines. 

Elisa started her artistic research at very young age; she developed her creativity when she was a little girl and the Drawing has always been a form of inspiration for her, in which the artist uses various instruments, from oil to the traditional painting techniques. 

In 2005, the painter deeply fascinated by the Flemish painting and Renaissance art, synthesized all her experiences, using modern and sophisticated languages. She combines in her paintings, the lightness of pastels to the fullness of the painting. 

This works outlines an innovative art form, in tune with current developments. For this reason, Elisa Anfuso was awarded for the 2010 edition of the Arte Laguna and for the Celeste Award, where she received an Honorable mention. Elisa had furthermore a nomination in 2011 Arte Mondadori Prize and for the Combat award. 

Her works have been displayed in many international exhibitions worldwide and in the most relevant art exhibitions, both individual and collective, such as: Vienna, Prague, New York and Miami, where established her as a global phenomenon. Her works are featured in many catalogues, private and public collections and, since 2013, she has been collaborating with Liquid Art System where she earned with public approval, the attention and interest of many national and international collectors.

The world narrated by Anfuso tells us about everyday heroes, whose dignity is expressed through the courage to live, despite joy and pain, as we can see in: Dreams and Meat or Eva’s falling.  It is a kind of reality, an acceptance of life never with resignation but with the courage of a kind of humanity that has in itself the capability to evolve. 

This communicative ability is connected to a talent able to translate in sign the human impression, through a kind of painting that alternates, to the great importance of drawing, an exquisite chromatic search.

Elisa Anfuso’ ancient and yet modern reality is a light and fascinating suspension of everyday life, so that the soul can understand, through the eyes, how reality, however critical, carries with it the importance of human beings.


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