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The beauty in Wang Nengjun's works is not created to cater to traditional aesthetics, but to the future. The reason why he evaluates his work is the sorrowful atmosphere and the expectation of a bright future revealed from it.

Wang Nengjun likes to express rough and desolate scenes. The beauty who appears as a diviner in the desolate wilderness is sad, while the hunters and beasts bring the wilderness. It is hopeful that the other end of the picture is to reveal the glorious horizon. This is in stark contrast to the prospect of sadness. No matter what the fortune tells, we can see through the hope of the distant horizon. It is optimistic to the artist's heart.

It can be said that Wang Nengjun's creation is deeply rooted. He paints his wife and friends around him. He does not regard painting as a simple portrait, but integrates with surrealistic factors to portray the true inner heart. Draw by heart, it is commendable.



Wang Neng Jun was born in 1982 in Chongqing, China. He is a realistic professional artist. In 2001 he graduated in Fine Arts from the School of Crafts in Chongqing and in 2008 he graduated from the Central Academy of Arts. Now he lives in Beijing busy in his career as an artist specializing in realistic painting. In his works he tries to express the modern understanding of the traditions and customs of the ancients through a dramatic treatment of naturalness. In 2010 he was selected for the Oil Painting Exhibition of the Youth of China for his realistic work and won prizes for excellence. In 2011 he participated in the Spring Exhibition "Qianyuan Art Space" and in the Songzhuang Art Festival. Until 2011 he also participated in joint exhibitions of contemporary art in Beijing.



- In 2010, "Red Mountain" and "Wife's Eyes" were selected for the " Time Cup " Chinese Youth Realistic Oil Painting Exhibition. Awarded for excellence.

- Participated in the Spring Oil Painting Exhibition of Qianyuan Art Space in 2011.

- Participated in the Songzhuang Art Festival in 2011. Works participate in the exhibition.

- Participated in the "China Contemporary College Art" Exhibition in Beijing Mobaoxing in 2011.

- Participated in the "2012 China New Realistic Oil Painting Exhibition" in 2012.

- In 2012, he participated in the “2012 China Realistic Oil Painting Exhibition”, one of the 12 invitational exhibitions of the first Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale.

- In 2012, he participated in the Bobo Art Network "The First Youth Oil Painters Exhibition".

- In 2012, he participated in the "May and Different" Youth Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition of the Beijing Manai Grassland International Club Art Center.





Walk between reality and surrealism.

Creating experience experience small talk.

The reason for starting to learn painting is simple and it is an encounter.

When I saw a sketch in my friend’s house, my ordinary pencil could show three on two-dimensional white paper. 

Wang Nengjun's works.

Wang Nengjun's works.

There are still spaces in the dimensional object, and this skill that is almost magical and not magical has attracted me. That is, this encounter completely changed my life.

The beginning is to learn to sketch, obsessed and intoxicated to show the three-dimensional effect on the drawing paper. At that time, painting at night and night was a kind of enjoyment. Working alone in the studio was a struggle for youth. And this positive obsession has been with me for almost a decade, and the love of sketching has continued to this day.

In 1999, he came into contact with oil painting at the Chongqing Arts and Crafts School. At that time, the frequency of “creation” appeared in the ear. And I don't care much about what is creation. The charm of the realistic oil painting and the shock brought by the brilliance have far exceeded the sketch. My world has changed from the black and white era to the color era. Feeling like a frog in the well, this vast world makes me feel new and feels infinite possibilities.

The black and white space effect shown in the sketch is no longer so attractive. At that time, my biggest concern was the realistic character oil painting. At this stage, the brains were full of space, shape and color. When I was eating, I looked at the rice research space, looked at the undulating water surface research style, and chatted with female students.

The subtle color changes in the face even sometimes forget to talk about it... The school has been like a person who has come to another world in the past three years, often swimming to the world of oil painting. At that time, it was entirely about how to use the realistic language of oil painting to show a person's spirit. The three words of Jingqi God accompanied me for three years. However, the word "creation" is always like a fly. It always has a premonition to create. It should be important, but what is creation does not want to understand.

After graduating from the American school, I started the oil painting creation of portraits, painting my wife and friends around me, and I was happy to show their mental state with realistic skills. At the same time, I also realized that my work lacks something and is confused.

In order to find the answer, in 2008 I took the “Integrated Painting Language” seminar of the Central Academy of Fine Arts . At this stage of the Academy of Fine Arts, I gradually found the answer. The work is closer to one's inner world while expressing the mental state of others, and it is precisely this ambiguous distance. Although it is still a portrait, the state is completely different.

Creation should go deep into one heart.

And what is my heart? I thought I knew myself, but it was not...

In order to understand myself looking for answers, I started to read a lot of books. Books such as religion, philosophy, and science involve the most simple words of "I", and at the same time explain the most...

But the correctness of the answer I doubt!.

Finally, it comes down to the remaining questions in philosophy.

"Who am I?"

"Where am I from, where are we going?"

"Realism or idealism?"

I have never thought about the problem, and then I started thinking after I touched the creation, and I was even more confused after thinking. I thought I knew myself, but it was not.

I feel that my heart has been walking alone, stepping on the hard land but walking in a deserted wilderness, only the wind in the ear is screaming, and the rest is just the stun of the eyes...

The creations from 2008 to the present have a slight sadness in the picture, and the content of the expression is as stated above.

Gradually I found the creation I wanted and found what I wanted.

In addition to the individual aesthetics of this era, the creation must have the soul of the artist himself...



Representative works: "Geng Yu prophecy." From "Gengbu prophecy" to "predicting time to" and then "time to not", this unknown world has given us too much doubt. We are unpredictable, we can't find it, we can't let it go. The brush has not yet been able to outline the unknown universe. The vastness of the sea, the text can not depict the smallness of human beings, the variables of the situation, but with a heart of art and sincerity, a soul of good life, a clear eye of life, It is sure to draw a touching work.  


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