2nd Anniversary . ISSUE 24

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Let’s go on an adventure together


Who would have thought that it’s been two years since the first issue, to tell you the true, I do look back in time sometimes, when I first started creating this project I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task to create something so delicate and complicate in such short time I always had Almudenas’ help and I still do, even though I tell her every day today I want everyone to know how thankful I am to her, thank you Almudena!

The first digital magazine started in a very intuitive way, I just had to gather together some artists that I liked and talked to them… it sounds like an easy job but when I knew that those artists that I admired the most would never reply I just got carried away, so that very same day Almudena sent me Aof Smiths’ work, I got my mind together and since that day I just follow my instincts.

After more than 2,900 pages done in 24 issues, I feel lucky to have found all of those people that today they are part of my great adventure “our great adventure”.


I think art is the best way to show and know what you really are and want to become in the future. Those artists that never wanted to know about our magazine were also blinded by the lifeless and boring publications but now they want to be in the outstanding pages because it’s not my magazine

it’s your magazine and to be honest I just want to follow people such as Aof Smith, Hibiscus, Patricia Saiffe, Sheryl Luxenburg, Candice Angelini and so many others that have made this magazine a world reference to the best emerging and professional artists around the world.


I will trust and support the painter, sculptor, photographer, illustrator because not only they belong to the art field but also, they build the tree of hope and respect that will be our most faithful legacy in the future so that new generations can feel proud in the people of today.


Thank you all for filling every job I have with the sensation of knowledge.



2nd Anniversary . ISSUE 24



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