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Valter Lopes was born in Coimbra, Portugal, in 1980. Lives and works in the Praia de Mira, Portugal.


The human figure is one of the central themes of his painting.

Paint with oil and acrylic.

Uses photography as a tool to photograph models he knows or people in daily life and intimacy.

Photography allows a departure from his own reality which creates other points of view that he  then apply to the painting. Some works reflect movements and breaks, are intentional and arise through the photographic accident and the natural movement of living things.

He refuses to speak of his paintings because he considers that any word would be to misinform and limit those who observe.

In painting what fascinates him is the process and not the end.

The process, are the moments of unexpected changes, of discoveries that flow quickly and the endless hours to look at it.

Explores painting as a form of dialogue mixing the creative process and personal experiences in which the object of painting is multiple, fragmented and unfinished, something that never reveals itself in its entirety. 

In the past, the need to paint and not have resources began to paint over old works. In the present, no longer being a necessity, he still continues to paint over old works and experimentations. Exploring compositions that are visible under the recent layers override an exact time that fuses the figuration and creates a certain abstraction.

Whenever he paints he has a duality present, that of carrying the work to the end or of letting the painting decide…

 Its influences are based on painters, philosophers and writers such as Lucien Freud, Bacon, Heidegger, Pessoa and Gonçalo M. Tavares and performance. 


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