Masaaki Sasamoto 笹本正明

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 Masaaki Sasamoto 笹本正明


When you look at paintings by Japanese artists who paint counting on co-creation of audience imagination, it is necessary to try to feel a lot about what is said by the artist. He gives only a hint in the details outlined by the fine poetic brush.

Talented Japanese artist Masaaki Sasamoto was born in 1966 in Tokyo. He graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, specializing in Japanese painting. He has been a permanent participant of solo and group art exhibitions throughout Japan. Masaaki Sasamoto currently lives and works in Yamanashi Prefecture, on the island of Honshu, Japan. The artworks of Masaaki Sasamoto are exhibited at Art Prefectural Gallery of Yamanashi Museum.

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1966 Born in Tokyo Japanese painter Masaaki Sasamoto

Masaaki Sasamoto

1989 Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

1990 First Spring Election Exhibition (Sold for '09) 

First honorary exhibition (exhibited up to '09)

1991 Graduate School of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

1992 East Association of Japan Exhibition (Ikebukuro Tobu Department Store) 

Budded party (Yurakucho · Seibu Art Forum)

1993 Seikagai (Ginza Sulga Tower Gallery) (~ exhibits up to '97) 

Received Minister of Justice Prize at Budding Association

1995 Sayuki (Nihonbashi Hidamado Gallery) (~ exhibited up to '00)

1996 Breath meeting (Ginza Nakajima Art) (Sent up to ~ 01) 

Third Battle Takahiko Grand Award Exhibition (Kurayoshi Museum) 

The 1st Tokyo Japan Painting New Selection Exhibition (Oshimizima Art Museum) 

Aominai association (Matsuya Ginza store) (~ '97 exhibited)

1997 Shogetsukai Nippon Picture Exhibition (Onuma Yamagata Store) 

Gurunsu of Suo (Otomatsu Gallery · Hofu city, Yamaguchi Prefecture) 

Yakushiji Temple Auditorium large embroidery crowd Amida Pure Land alteration original picture miniature production participation (97. ~ 02.)

1998 Solo exhibition (Ginza Suruga Tower Gallery) 

Participation in Osaka Aoyama Junior College Museum Barrier Painting (Kano School Restoration) Participation

1999 Masaaki Sasamoto · Takeda left two people exhibition (Chiyoharu gallery · Kyobashi)

2001 Solo exhibition (Otaru Gallery · Hofu city, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

2002 Production of Japanese animation "Chapel" (Chiyoharu gallery · Kyobashi)

2003 Solo exhibition (Increase art / Ginza) 

Shinsukai (Nipponbashi Mitsukoshi)

2004 Solo exhibition (Tenmaya / Okayama) 

7th Japan Hungarian Contemporary Print Exhibition (Kamiyamada Cultural Center · Nagano) 

Release copperplate print "NUDE-12" (Chiyoharu gallery · Kyobashi)

2005 Solo exhibition (Otaru Gallery · Hofu city, Yamaguchi Prefecture) 

Solo exhibition (Ginza Suruga Tower Gallery)

2006 Solo exhibition "BIRD" (Chiyoharu gallery · Kyobashi) 

07 'Original Calendar Exhibition (Chiyoharu Gallery · Kyobashi)

2007 New Year's Japan Exhibition (Ginza Sulga Tower Gallery) 

Shinsukai (Nipponbashi Mitsukoshi) 

Masaaki Sasamoto · Shinzo Midori Exhibition "Implications" (Gallery Kogure) 

'08 Calendar Original Painting Exhibition (Chiyoharu Gallery · Kyobashi)

2008 Art fair Tokyo 2008 (Tokyo International Forum) exhibition 

Amber blinking · Masaaki Sasamoto exhibition (Sogo Chiba store & Shibuya Seibu) 

'09 Calendar Original Painting Exhibition (Chiyoharu Gallery · Kyobashi)

2009 LOWER AKIHABARA Opening Memorial Exhibition (LOWER AKIHABARA · Higashi Kanda) 

Art fair Tokyo 2009 (Tokyo International Forum) exhibition 

Human Exhibition (Hanzawa Art Store, Ueno Yanaka) 

Masaaki Sasamoto Nippon Painting Exhibition (Iwataya · Fukuoka Tenjin) 

Masaaki Sasamoto Exhibition (Iyutetsu Takashimaya · Ehime Matsuyama) 

'10 Calendar Original Painting Exhibition (Chiyoharu Gallery · Kyobashi) 

Major Painting Exhibition (Hime Men Hall · Ehime Matsuyama)

2010 Tomorrow's Japanese exhibition (Matsuzakaya head office art gallery) 

Art Fair Tokyo 2010 (Tokyo International Forum) Exhibition To the Goddesses of the Higan (Muse), Masaaki Sasamoto Exhibition (Matsuzakaya Head Office Art Gallery) 

'11 calendar original picture exhibition (Chiyoharu gallery · Kyobashi)

2011 Art fair Tokyo 2011 (Tokyo International Forum) Woman carrying exhibition dreams far (Hito) · Masaaki Sasamoto exhibition (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Art Salon / Sendai Mitsukoshi Art Gallery)

2012 That night is gentle and deep · Masaki Sasamoto Exhibition (Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store Art Gallery) 

50th anniversary commemorative small exhibition (Suga Tachi Gallery) exhibition

2013 Neko Exhibition (Kamiya · Nihonbashi) Exhibition Art Print Fair Tokyo 2013 (TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FORUM) Publishes a copperplate picture book "SAKIKO" "Dreams gone and night's dreams" Masaaki Sasamoto Exhibition (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Art Salon) 

ROSE ROSE ROSE exhibition (Nihonbashi Takashimaya art gallery, others) exhibition

2014 Art Fair Tokyo 2014 (Tokyo International Forum) Exhibition Masaaki Sasamoto Exhibition ~ To the other world ~ (Yamanashi Prefectural Art Museum · Prefectural Gallery C)

2015 Train Train exhibition (Toyomi Art Fair · Tokyo Art Club, Exhibit Art Booth) 

Sasamoto Masaaki Miniature exhibition (original calendar exhibition) (Chiyoharu gallery · Kyobashi)

Currently independent 

Reside in Yamanashi


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