Maudie Brady - Sculptures / January 2018

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My work explores the relationship between the universality of the human figure and the power of representing specific (as opposed to generalized or idealized) bodies. My artworks are created from observing real bodies performing a universal narrative of the figure. With influences as diverse as classical 19th-century sculpture, contemporary dance, and Norse mythology, new insights are crafted from both constructed and discovered juxtapositions. I am inspired by traditional ‘classical’ sculpture and I believe having academic training is invaluable for becoming a disciplined and honest artist. I believe with a grounding in a structured studio practice working with a live model, more options for working from imagination become available.

The study of anatomy and nature becomes an important means to an end and a tool with which to express an artistic vision. I often don’t know where an artwork is going until I am there....I start with a model and a pose and things develop from exploring the narrative the figure is offering in that pose - for example, where the tension is held, or where the compression takes place. This narrative takes me on a journey that moves by




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