Oceana Rain Stuart - Sculptures / February 2018

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Oceana Rain Stuart was born in Forest Knolls, California and is a figurative sculpture artist and poet. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and her artist atelier is in Sausalito, California. Through her figurative work, Stuart explores tension in emotionally evocative subject matter that is expressive of light and dark qualities. Her unique molding techniques and surface treatments subtly blend the worlds of realism and surrealism.



Stuart grew up in a multi-generational artistic family in California in the United States. As a young adult, she lived in Europe, where she was inspired by many of the art masters of the past and present. Stuart took classes at both the Laguna College of Art and Design and the San Francisco Art Institute, but considers herself largely a self-taught artist. Stuart holds dual citizenship with the United States of America and Italy.





A selection of sculptures by artist Oceana Rain Stuart 





I came from humble beginnings and when life was not always so beautiful creating art was a way for me to find the beauty I was yearning for. I find that I am able to communicate in ways through my art that I may not always have the courage or ability to do in day-to-life. It is my hope that through my work, someone will find a connection to the message I try to convey. In my work, I tend to explore tension in emotionally evocative subject matter that is expressive of light and dark aspects in relation to the human condition. My molding techniques and surface treatments blend the worlds of realism and surrealism.




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