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I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Sardinia, Italy, where I grew up surrounded by nature and wild things. I strongly feel the nature of my island is in me and the sea I grew up with is always, sometimes even unconsciously, represented in my pieces. I graduated in Architecture in Rome, I moved them to New York for pursuing my second master degree and I still live and work in the City. My passion for ceramic came early on, growing fast and exponentially. I am a self-taught sculptor and by far my favorite narrative tool is porcelain. Besides other things, I am a sci-fi geek and through my pieces, I talk about meandering cities and tortuous architectures, about heritage and ancestral stories, entropy and chaos, life and death in this and other planets. I live on and off in the Hamptons and I am represented by IlleArts gallery in Amagansett, NY.


“The porcelain sculptures are anthropomorphic and otherworldly at the same time”. 



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