Teiji Hayama was born in the south part of Japan, Kumamoto. He attended the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and graduated in 1998.

His work joins together western and Japanese influences, combining different art historical periods varying from Christian art, Greek mythology, subculture to Japanese culture. Hayama’s work incorporates many layers of juxtaposed images, visual elements that derive from emotions and personal experiences, inviting the viewer to encounter his feelings and dreams.

His recent work shows a busy and chaotic composition with abstract and realistic shapes. By using an assemblage of techniques mixing traditional oil painting and digital painting, Hayama emphasizes the contrasts represented in his work. His work depicts young girls evolving into women, a physical and mental transitional stage involving social and psychological changes. They represent messengers whose glassy, ambiguous gazes remind the viewer of the importance of life.

Resembling ancient beauty, Hayama’s milky white skin semi nude portraits, one and unique entity showing the purest essence of the human being, are unveiling their secrets.




Painting, Fashion, Fine Art

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