Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1963, Phil Hale is an American artist who, surrounded since birth by a family of artists, quickly developed his genius to an almost prodigy of the illustration and figurative painting that currently marks the pace to a lot of creators in the art world. Since only eighteen years old and throughout his training/partnership with painter Rick Berry, his bold and dynamic way of painting gained enough attention to even work for names such as Stephen King, Rayburn, DC Comics or Tony Blair.

Phil Hale’s artwork is worldwide renowned and admired, as his depictions are between the fine line of the surreal, the fantastic and the realism of almost believable parallel places living in the forgotten corners of our world. His compositions are like aesthetically chaotic whirlwinds at times, and some others like recluse semi-human portraits in deserted lands with cutting sharp diagonal elements, humans and chimaeras in the middle of movement, trapped infinitely in a loop of action where the world suddenly turned unsettling and bizarre, places that definitely transport us to psychotic and frozen scenarios that once found, you certainly never be able to leave.  

His paintings often distress but fascinate anyone who witnesses, either by the obscure color palette contrasted by blinding bright yellows, blues, and reds; or dark subject matters where the human condition is regularly portrayed as a raw absurdity or even bestiality, deep piercing right in the ego of the so-called ‘modern man’. The response you have in front of his paintings will always cause a frenzied storm of thoughts and confusingly addictive emotions, almost impossible to assimilate in a single sight, the reason why we keep coming back over and over again to Phil Hale’s work and continuously stab our minds with astounding. 

Today Phil Hale is constantly producing and exhibiting in diverse major galleries across the USA and Europe, more recently with his latest solo show ‘Life wants to live’ at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York in 2015 as well as recently started an analogue filmmaking specialized movie production company titled along his son Callum Hale Thompson. Phil Hale is currently living and working in the UK




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