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Born in 1989, Pruch Sintunava is an emerging artist working in the digital medium. He is inspired by Japanese anime and pop surrealism art movement. His work usually features lonely children with melancholy expression and a dark mysterious atmosphere.

Throughout his painting, Pruch aim to portray the absurd nature of the modern world within his own perspective. Where he gets only more questions in his journey, instead of the answer he searches for.

He is currently living and working in Bangkok, Thailand.


What is your biggest source of inspiration?

Personal experiences and observations. I always find some inspiration from what I encountered in the past. They always have reasons to happened in their particular way. Which I use them as a symbol in my work.


When was the first moment you decided you wanted to be an artist? 

I love to draw Japanese manga since I can remember. But the moment I really decided to start doing it seriously is when my art is starting to look like something. Which happened in my working year.


The Sun Beyond Dark Cloud by Pruch Sintunava 



Painting is your primary medium, but do you work in other mediums or explore other styles?

I love working digitally. But I'd really love to explore the oil and acrylic medium someday!.


If you could work with another artist, who would it be? / who is your favorite artist?

I have too many favorite artists, it would be a wall of text to share them all. But if I can pick 3, They would be Hikari Shimoda, Yukaman, and Shin Takahashi.


Nightmare and why we met there by Pruch Sintunava 

Is there any particular music you tend to listen to while working?

My preference really scatters all over the place from Post Rock to Neo-Classical. It is usually the music that I can find meaning inside them.


What is your ideal day?

The day my work process goes smoothly without a struggle. Those days should come more often!.


A Quivering Fire by Pruch Sintunava 

A Hymn Into Rubicon 2 by Pruch Sintunava 



Can you tell us a bit about your process, from concept to creation?

Sure! I usually got my concept randomly. (especially when I am spacing out alone) Which I'll note them down, and pick the one I like to paint later. After that, I'll spend a long time messing around with it until it's starting to look good. And then continue on the detail part.


What’s one of your deepest values or most important topics to you, and how do you communicate that with your art?

Children, how they grow up, and how it reflect the world around them. Living in a place where local culture is confusing has its perk. You get to look at the world differently and start questioning about its existence. I try to turn those question into art.


Extincting Children by Pruch Sintunava

How has your art changed throughout your life? 

I started with a Japanese dating sims style painting when I was younger. But I believe every artist are destined to meet their wake up call at some point of their life. Mine was creeping to me slowly around my university time.


What is the best piece of advice you have received?

We mature with the damage, not with the years. - Mateus William. 

Not exactly an advice nor an artist quote. But it sticks to me ever since I heard it the first time.


Thank You Pruch!

We hope you continue to build the world where art is a universal language. We will collaborate together and you will surely reach all your dreams. Good luck artist!.





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