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Since only three months ago that The Guide Artists came to life, I reflect on the luck we have many times to meet people as interesting as Mira. A sincere artist full of elegance in his works and a taste more than unbelievable. It is how art grows in our hearts and we are only guided by impulses, be it fear, love or death. What is life for? What are we afraid of ?. I invite you to meet in this interview a little more of your personal side. Enjoy it!.


What is your biggest source of inspiration?

Generally, I get inspired by many things. Some of these things are fashion, music, great movies, paintings of artists of all time. I get inspired by life itself, life with its bright and dark sides, life with its beauty and its sadness, pain, difficulties at the same time. I am really interested in the erotic which is a kind of power, the power of our unexpressed and unrecognized feeling. I get inspired by life itself, by the fact we exist here and now, by death which comes in all shapes and sizes.


When was the first moment you decided you wanted to be an artist?

I didn’t decide to be an artist in a moment. I have always wanted to make art, to be an artist. Art gives life meaning. Art is part of my life and myself.



Painting is your primary medium, but do you work in other mediums or explore other styles?

I started painting when I was a child. My education was related to painting. I’ve worked as a model for a long time. In 2006 I started working with photoshop. I found a way to create incredible images using the world's best photo editing software. I was inspired by the idea to be a painter and a photographer at the same time. Now I do not paint anymore instead I work with photo shop, creating my images.


If you could work with another artist, who would it be? / who is your favorite artist?

Definitely, I can’t say just one name. I have been inspired by many artists. The most inspirational photographer for me is Jan Saudek. The painter with the greatest influence on me is Egon Schiele. I also love Jan Saudek.



Is there any particular music you tend to listen to while working?

Usually, I don’t listen to music when I take photos. I like listening to music before taking photos or during working in Photoshop. My favorite singers are Nick Cave and Mark Lanegan.


What is your ideal day?

Well, I see the perfect day this way: I am devoted to photography and I know that everything is going to be alright…Another vision of the perfect day: Spending time on the beach, relaxing and thinking about new projects. 



Can you tell us a bit about your process, from concept to creation?

Yes, I always have the main idea in my head and I prepare very carefully for it. Usually, I have several ideas and at the beginning, I search for suitable clothes, objects for completing the scenes. I take a lot of photos and I choose the best photos at the end. I like to take photos in this moment when the model in motion when she doesn’t expect me - In such moment I capture beautiful photos.


Who is your role model?

I don’t have an inspiring role model. I always try to be myself, express myself and please myself which is really hard sometimes.



If you could do anything, what would it be?

If I could do anything I would produce a photo album with my photos every year. If I could do anything I would find a home for all animals in need.


What’s one of your deepest values or most important topics to you, and how do you communicate that with your art?

I want to show the relationship between beauty, joy, pleasure, erotic and pain, loneliness and death. The beginning and the end… by art…I think that there isn’t another way for finding piece, happiness and keeping balance in life…with my photos I want to say that we shouldn’t be afraid of  pain. We have to know it, embrace it, to find the meaning of it…to realize that we probably even need it, in order to recognize life itself and it’s happiness. I have always thought about this even when I was a little girl…I have been through pain like everyone else, but who can really tell how big or small our pains are…big or small our happiness is…when at the end everything is connected.

 I believe that pain is there for a reason. Even though sometimes we can’t see what good is in the situation, or even how any possible good could come from it, we have to believe that everything will be finally alright. Pain is a good teacher.


How has your art changed throughout your life? 

I am not sure if my art has changed throughout my life. The technical part has changed. This is normal. I express myself, my feelings through the art.



What is your dream project?

My dream project is to make a photo album with the best photos which I have taken. I hope that one day I will fulfill this dream. I always have new ideas for new projects in my head. Some of them I realize immediately…others I put on wait until I find every little detail that I need so I can make it complete. I will continue to work with my art, this is something that will keep me going always.


What is the best piece of advice you have received?

I can’t remember an advice that I have received. I often remind myself: life is here and now. Everything depends on our actions. The Past is just a fairy tail. Today is the door to the future.


Thank you, Mira! 

A great life lesson in this beautiful interview. So!, this interview was prepared to listen to Nick Cave in our studio. Good luck in the great artist life. See you across the oceans.







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