Seungeun Suh (서승은) aka HIBISCUS

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Majored in fine-arts at Keimyung University in South Korea. After graduation, she has been working as an art-school teacher, gallery curator and as a professional painter at the same time. Interested in a style of the Oriental art materials mixed with the Western composition.

She focuses on thick rice-paper, Chinese ink, and oriental watercolors for the paintings.

She paints women in lyrical moods, animals, and all natural objects. Her Spread pigments on the rice-paper carefully and she focuses on the beauty of space.


Picnic . Eastern Watercolor, Acrylic on Hanji


Describe your path to becoming an illustrator.

I have been fascinated at drawing a picture since ten years. At the age of 15, attracted by the charm of Korean paper, I decided to become a painter who paints Korean paintings. After that, he entered Gyeongbuk High School and entered the Oriental Painting Department of Keimyung University. After graduation, I worked as a curator of art museums and art schools. I have been a full-time artist for over 10 years.


Tell me about where you grew up and how your childhood influenced your ideas about creativity

I was born in a rural village. So I spent my childhood in nature, and the unfortunate at that time that had come to my home affected my early works. Nevertheless,  I still like the trees, flowers, and animals that actually inspired me, and I always tell stories about hopes, dreams, and inscriptions through my works.


Advancement of Silence . Eastern Watercolor, Acrylic on Hanji


Can you talk about your formative years as an artist?

It is 2009. From that time, for three years I did not come out of the studio to the outside world. In it, I spent time building my own world and left many experimental works. And I informed my work to the world through internet.


What motivates you as an artist?

I decided to become a professional artist when my work was stolen in college. It was my satisfaction that someone liked my works that much.


Cupid . Eastern Watercolor, Acrylic on Hanji


You do have a very distinct, recognizable style.

My work is a Korean painting that is combined with western style.  It looks unique to many people because it shows an image in western style, using Korean traditional painting skill that uses watercolor on the 'Hanji'.


Tell me about the first time you considered art as an actual career.

My first exhibition is the group exhibition, which was organized by alumni in 2006.


Did you have any mentors along the way?

None. If it is, I am myself. It is my own that is constantly in conflict. What is important to the artist is the technique that creativity and novelty are added to. I always feel attracted to myself and try to make something new for myself.


Bless with Life . Eastern Watercolor, Acrylic on Paper thick Hanji


Are your family and friends supportive of what you do?

No family or friends supported my path from the beginning. My acquaintances began to recognize me as my painting became known to the public. Now I am supported by everyone around me.


What advice would you give to a person starting out?

The job of an artist is like a marathon. I would like to suggest that you get used to the life in the workshop and overcome the fight against loneliness.


The Hibi doll 7 . Eastern Watercolor, Acrylic on Hanji


How does where you live to impact your creativity?

I spend most of my time staring at the paintings in my studio, and most of my imaginations and experiments are done in my studio. There are more than 100 kinds of succulent plants in my workshop.

Sometimes ideas come to mind when I rest in mountains and fields.


Do you have a favorite book?

I like 'Walden', which includes the story that the main character lives alone in nature. 


Who is your role model?

Frida Kahlo is my role model. I do not like her style, but I like her truthfulness, which puts her honest life in her paintings. 


The Hibi doll 9 . Eastern Watercolor, Acrylic on Hanji


What was the best advice given to you as an artist?

Even if people look at my works 100 times, make them fascinated at my works! 


What is your dream project?

I want everyone in the world to recognize my work. I will show my unique works of art in galleries around the world. 


Is there anything you want to do in the next 2 years?

My 14th solo exhibition will be held at KIDARI GALLERY in April.

I plan to participate in a foreign art fair next year by starting my artwork essay book publication in China around this fall this year.



Seungeun Suh (서승은) aka HIBISCUS in the studio


“Happy Flower” became a motif of all my works painted in 2015, and the world’s first series of works called “Succulent Plants Girl” was born, which is more philosophically evolved. I was greatly admired by them. It is the work of infusing dreams, hopes, and courage to overcome adversity to the tired people of modern society by adding ecologically robust succulent plants to emotional, dreamy girl characters.


Happy Flower .  Eastern Watercolor, Acrylic on Hanji







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