Samantha Shumaker "Bathory" Time Lapse

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Time lapse oil painting of "Bathory" a surreal artwork inspired by the narcissistic Countess who inspired modern day vampires named Elizabeth Bathory | She was known to bathe in peasant's blood because she believed it would keep her young forever | This speed portrait and scenery painting art is painted on canvas.


About Samantha Shumaker

Samantha Shumaker is best known for her meticulously structured artwork that encompasses elements of the surreal and the classical. The central subject that encapsulates the vast majority of Shumaker’s work is the female form and their relationship to animals, folklore, historical figures and environments.

Shumaker is self taught and enjoys research and experimentation in all facets of creative expression. Shumaker has exhibited throughout the Orlando area and has had work featured in Orlando Weekly, Artborne Magazine and various local art venues.

When Samantha Shumaker is not painting in her Greater Orlando studio, she can be found wandering in nearby forests or relaxing with a once stray cat Luna and a Corgi/Shih Tzu mix named Minnie.

This original oil painting is available to a loving home at



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