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From Guadalajara Mexico, she has a degree in Science in Communication from TEC de Monterrey and a Bachelor in Graphic Design from Private University in Zapopan, Mexico. She has several individual and collective expositions to her credit, both national and international. At the international level, her work has been presented in France and the United States.

Some of there work can be found in the Black Coffee Gallery Foundation and Milenio Art Collection, as well as private collection in Argentina, Canada, Spain, France, Japan, the United States and Mexico. She has participated in contest, exhibiting in various museums of Mexico. Her work can also be found within the collection of the Virtual Museum of Arts (MUVA) on Jalisco. Her artistic proposal can be appreciated in the murals of the Hospital San Juan de Dios of Zapopan and in the Hostel San Juan Grande of Guadalajara, Mexico.

She has worked as an illustrator of children’s books and stories, including Editorial Andres Bello Mexicana, CONACULTA and UNESCO. Her paintings have contributed to the charitable work of Mexican associations and foundations.

Her next solo exhibition, will be from July 13th to the September 17th at the Museum of Guanajuato. - Calle Positos 7, Guanajuato, Mexico.





Let’s dive in at the beginning of your story. Tell me about where you grew up and what your childhood was like

I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. I grew up being the third among my brothers and a sister, we all lived together with my parents.  My maternal grandmother also lived with us, it was there with her where my childhood had its special part. Every, Friday I would take my pillow and slide down the aisle to go to sleep with her. She told me stories that were real and another invented. We listened to other stories with terror on the radio. At night-which obviously left me wide-eyed with fear while she slept comfortably next to me.  We played board games and taught how to have fun with the cards and dominos.  She showed me her old treasures and projected me into the future constantly. Thus, developed my private world, with the privilege of feeling alone, smelling the wooden drawers of her closet, touching and discovering her memories and seeing what she would trust me once I grew up ... my childhood with her was growing up with nostalgia and respect towards the past, emotion of what holds my future and amazement at what I was discovering in the present; All this is a halo of fantastic reality where anything can be possible.


Describe your path to becoming an artist.

I always remember me with a sketchbook in my hand and a pair of pencils.  I always drew and carried it with me. I really enjoyed using the markers and colored pencils as a moment to dress the drawing and give it finished. I told stories of each of them to the people who asked me about my notebook and we started to browse it, so I was sure they were as well finished as possible. I would be very embarrassed to show something not worth sharing, in my opinion. When these people – family, close friends or unknown - asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I answered without hesitation: PAINTER.  The time passed and the apparent lack of seriousness towards that field, changed my course. Until, I choosing to study the technique in Graphic Design and later the degree in Sciences of the Communication.  Inside, it always kept its flame burning the internal desire to paint and create, which finally became reality once I got married and my husband pushed me to develop it.  Here, I am happily accomplishing my first promise, in a PAINTER.



Can you talk about your formative years as an artist?

I can say it all began in high school, when studying graphic design.  They offered us techniques of plastic arts. They formed us with anatomical drawing to natural, industrial drawing which helped me to the precision and endless techniques from watercolor to oil. Years later, I began to search for myself how to professionalize myself in art. I took oil painting classes with a Mexican painter from Guadalajara, who showed me how to use this beautiful technique with unique styles according to intentionality. I have taken various kinds of workshops such as engraving, screen-printing, and sculpture. Every book I can, I squeeze to its last drops because that's where you can really learn, from the constant search. Watching everything, wondering how and experiencing until you achieve the desired. And with luck, discovering ways that neither thought I could find.


What motivates you as an artist?

All that I am and happens to me, as well as what strikes my attention around me. It can be an experience, something I read, a song or melody, a taste. What shakes my heart and reason indisputably I must express it in my painting. It motivates me to tell stories, only I do it with images, however literal or not with words. According to their perception they will interpret them and will make those stories their own and for this, the images "paint themselves."



Was creativity a part of your childhood?

I think that creativity is an inherent part of the person. It does not matter whether it is around you or not, everything is creative when you look at that approach. I remember a large shelf of books in my parents' house, I could barely take the volumes of the encyclopedias of the natural world.   I was marveled at all the photographs I saw. I had my favorite volumes, I also remember a book about volcanic eruptions, the horrors of WWII documented in a copy full of photographs. The beautiful engravings of Gustave Doré in the illustrations of Dante's Divine Comedy. And others in the stories of Sherezada in the Thousand and one nights. I remember everything with images rather than narrations, which has made me a visual eater. That over time and the other senses start to add up. Adding with sounds, smell, sensations and emotions that’s all I need to express. 



Did you have any mentors along the way?

Of course, most of them have been impersonal, because with time and concentration I can dedicate to their teachings alone, they become my personal mentors. I refer to the great Old Masters of history, as well as some modern ones. As I mentioned before, I had painting master that if wasn´t for him, seeing him use a brush and mixing colors, it would seem to me very complicated and very difficult to understand the process in general. To whom I am very grateful with him, sharing his knowledge with me. However, I can confess the one that has been my head mentor, it was Vicente Figueroa, an uncle of my husband, whom I did not have the pleasure to meet him in life. But it has been his materials, his sketches and his books that have been my guide, have opened my eyes and my senses to the techniques I haven´t tried before. Which has really made me find my own way to paint. 


Why are you so passionate about the portrait?

Rather than seek to make a portrait of a person, I really try to capture by different characters, to tell those stories that I constantly want to share. My daughter has been really the master key for my work.  My model, together we are growing at the same time. She allows me to personify and project everything I need to express.


Are your family and friends supportive of what you do?

Yes, completely. My husband and my daughter are the ones who believe the most in me and for whom I do what I do. Who pushed and sponsored me was my husband and who models is my daughter. The rest of my family and my friends or acquaintances have also supported me in modeling me, taking completely the role. I'm very fortunate.



What advice would you give to a person starting out?

Always be themselves, never allow anyone to modify their true passion by telling them what to paint or not. Honesty- will always be your best and infallible input.


Are you creatively satisfied?

In the process of creation, I feel happy and satisfied, but once the piece is finished, everything starts again and never ends; Is a constant need to keep growing and looking for ways to express yourself better, both technically and intellectually. Creativity can never really be satisfied, it is like sharks, if you stop moving you will die.


What is your favorite genre of music to listen to while painting?

Music is an essential part of my life and goes hand in hand with the mood in which I find myself. However, to paint, I unquestionably listen to the music of David Bowie as main actor, sometimes I accompany him with classical music of preference interpreted in piano, violin and / or cello.



Do you have a favorite book?

It is so difficult to say a favorite book when so many have accompanied and marked me. As a child, it was probably the Thousand and one nights along with Christian Andersen's The Wild Swans. As a teenager was Michael Ende's Momo. I started my adulthood with Jaime Sabines' poems and today, among so many jewels, I could choose The World and its demons from Carl Sagan.


Who is your role model?

Anyone who is honest, courageous and consistent with himself and his actions. That is upright and open-minded. With the desire and execution to continue growing in knowledge and in person and spirit ... just my husband.


What was the best advice given to you as an artist?

When I started my career, a good friend and artist once said in his workshop: "Never fall in love with your paintings, because otherwise you will not let any of them be sold; If the artist's hand exists, the paintings will not cease to be created one after another. " Today talking to him, we have changed the perspective a little, whether it is worth falling in love with them or not letting go those who still talk to you so directly and loudly. Since the habit of expressing itself under painting, more than a job has become a necessity and therefore it can never be turned off.



What is your dream project?

Not to lose the balance between my profession and my domestic and family life, and along with it not knowing the limits, to be insatiable in the search and experimentation to learn new subjects in the knowledge and techniques in the plastic. Understand better what I now know and execute with greater quality and clarity what my interior soul wants to show my exterior. The rest (exhibitions, projection, etc.) comes by natural reaction. My goal is always to improve and enjoy the process.





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