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February 2021 Content . Issue 42


A year has passed since we published Volume 1 “Sculpture Special”. We have climbed a very important step to offer you another year this Volume 2 full of talent, ingenuity, inspiration and above all mastery in a number overflowing with unique pieces, in which we want to bring to the reader once again freshness and dedication to sculpture. Another year has filled us with the opportunity to teach once known and not so known artists.


Once again in this special, we want to pay tribute to the great talents who turn clay, bronze… A unique experience, to show their appreciation. Art is flourishing at an exciting and unprecedented rate. Sculpture is
part of this fantastic explosion of creative genius with artistic talents such as Alessio Deli, Angela Mia, Thomas Merrett, Hiro Kiyoshima… At the same time, today’s advances allow us to see sculpture ever more fully and realistically. The result is
a rich catalogue of sculptures and artisans in which we will see common reproductions and some extremely valuable limited editions. You will be able to discover a vast amount of information. This exceptional volume contains a small, comprehensive compendium of emerging and professional sculptures by more than 20 talented sculptors, with biographies, listings of works (along with size and technique), museum and other pieces, and recent sales with their sculpture survey, for any collector who wants to capture beauty.


Without a doubt, I have really enjoyed this new special we have been working on for a few months. Every beginning is always a new opportunity for new changes for us. May the sculpture
we present another year become a tradition. Let ́s begin!


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The Guide Artists create high quality books with premier artists to produce a full line of art books represent the best international contemporary art.

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