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Howard Lyon



Howard Lyon is an artist that was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. He is the youngest of five children.  Howard had very supportive parents, who even when he was very young, made sure he had the materials and education to hone his talents. While attending high school Howard met his wife, Shari Lunt. They now have three children and reside in Utah.

Howard began his career studying illustration at Brigham Young University working with artists such as Robert Barrett, Don Seegmiller, Richard Hull and Ralph Barksdale. Over the past 20 years he has worked in the video game industry as an Art Director, concept artist and freelance illustrator.  For much of his career he has painted dragons and trolls or scenes from science fiction.  His work can be found in products from Dungeons and Dragons books, World of Warcraft cards, Magic: the Gathering and Star Wars.   He also writes for the Fantasy Art blog Muddy Colors and has recently been doing work for Brandon Sanderson’s books including Mistborn, Warbreaker, The Stormlight Archive, and the covers for Dreamer and Snapshot.


Awards and Collections:

Finalist in the Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition with the painting After the Dance

Honorable Mention in the Beautiful Bizarre 2019 Art Prize with the painting Hecate

Finalist in the 2019 National Oil Painters of America contest with the painting Ella Standing Between the Earth and Sky

Finalist and winner of the Excellence in Realism award at the 2019 Oil Painters of America Western Regional show with the painting The Return of Flora

Finalist in the Art Renewal Center International Salon 2011

Finalist in the Art Renewal Center International Salon 2017

Finalist in the Art Renewal Center International Salon 2018

Finalist in the Art Renewal Center International Salon 2019

First place in the 93rd annual Springville Spring Salon 2017 for his painting After the Dance. His painting Ella Standing Between the Earth and Sky also won an honorable mention.

Ella Standing Between the Earth and Sky was nominated for a Spectrum Award in the Unpublished category for Spectrum 25

Chesley Nominated for Eel Umbra, 2011

Chesley Nominated for Octopus Umbra, 2019

Howard’s work can be found in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art issues 26, 25, 24, 23, 22 and many other of that publication.

Howard’s painting “From Fear to Faith” won a Merit Award in the 26th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah Exhibition. It was one of  6 pieces chosen out of 200 as the viewer’s Choice Award as part of the 9th international religious show at the LDS Church History and Art Museum. About 1200 pieces were submitted and less than 200 were accepted in this show.  This piece has also selected as a finalist in the figurative category for the 2012 Art Renewal Salon.

His painting, “Mary Kept These things and Pondered them in Her Heart”, won an Honorable Mention in the 2011 summer Oil Painters of America Online Showcase Competition.

Howard’s “Thread of Faith” painting won an honorable mention at the 2012 “Light of the World” Art show held at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. It also won a Merit award in the 2014 Praiseworthy Arts Easter Show “Lift Up Thine Eyes”.

“Living Water” won the Award for Exceptional Merit in the International Artist Competition 2011 at the Wee Gallery of Fine Art

Howard recently finished two large 15 foot murals that have been hung in the new Gilbert, Arizona Temple Baptistry. He is currently working on a piece for the baptistery of the new Provo City Center Temple as well.



Images used in publications:

King of Kings, Progressive Dairymen, front cover, December 2015

Though Your Sins be as Scarlet, Ensign, page 41, April 2015

Light of the World, Ensign, page 7, July 2014

One Shepherd, Ensign, inside front cover, May 2014

Light of the World, One Shepherd, and From Fear to Faith, Joy! Magazine (South Africa) April 2014

Light of the World, wSeici (Polish magazine), front cover, April 2014

Living Water, Ensign, page, April 2014

Light of the world, Ensign, page 56, April 2013

Path of Life and Tree of Life, Ensign, page 45 and 46, February, 2013

From Fear to Faith, Ensign, page 5, March 2013

Mary Kept These Things, Catholic Digest, front cover, December 2012

From Fear to Faith, back inside cover, Ensign, June 2012

Light of the World, inside back cover, Ensign, January 2012




Arizona Artist Paints Murals for the Gilbert Temple, The Beehive, page 26, Nov. 2013-Feb. 2014 issue.

Mesa Artist Shares His Testimony Through His Paintings, The Beehive, page 11, Nov. 2012-Feb. 2013 issue.

Artists in Action: Howard Lyon, Art Lessons From God, March 2011

Local Artist Paints Biblical Scene, page 12, Mesa Uplands Up Close, December 2010


“I’ll Walk Where Jesus Walked” LDS Church History Museum, 2015-2016

Spring Salon, Springville museum of Art 2015

Inspirational Art Associations 2015 Christmas show, Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Praiseworthy Arts, “Lift Up Thine Eyes unto Heaven”, April 2014

 26th Annual spiritual and Religious Arts of Utah Exhibition, Springville Museum of Art

9th International Religious Show, LDS Church History and ArtMuseum

2012 Art Renewal Salon

2011 Summer Oil painters of America Online Showcase

Light of the World at Thanksgiving Point, 2012

International Artist Competition 2011, Wee Gallery of Fine Art



Artist statement:

I choose to paint that which is beautiful and interesting.  I find in nature, truth, and in humanity an endless stream of stories and narratives that capture my imagination and attention.  My goal is to take those moments and convey them through my work.



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