October 2019

Issue 31

New “étape” Part Two


All is ready for the new Issue 31. It was a strong start with many weeks of arduous work in our studio and after many months of creation, we have launched a brand new online platform for artists and collectors, the “Collector Masters”. This online platform offers a great selection of the best professional and emerging artists of the international art scene today. It has been almost four years and we have upgraded our website “theguideartists.com”, where everything is created in the n-th power, an excellent quality website with the highest internet speed and safety for our navigators. Now you can look for your latest issue on our website or if you prefer to enter the section for collectors where you can see all the available art for sale, you can be updated at all times in one place. You can now browse many sections at the same time and stay informed of the latest news of our brand and all the new amazing artists that join us month after month, it’s simply incredible!

In this month of the great triple renovation of shaping Issue 31, where the great master painter “Arsen Kurbanov” appears on our cover, we are lucky to discover his new work and also be able to sell a collection of his eight paintings titanic, which reflect the evolution of our times to the present, thus bringing a number of details that only a teacher knows how to offer to his most faithful audience.

Welcome autumn, welcome to this new stage where we renew each page, as always, month by month and of course I want you to continue enjoying what you like very much. Art !. Our present will be the future for those who arrive and our artists know, they will be the legacy of tomorrow. Three, two, one. Art!

  • ON THE COVER Arsen Kurbanov
  • RELEASE October 4, 2019

Arsen Kurbanov was born in Makhachkala, Dagestan to artist parents Hairullah Kurbanov and Galina Pshenitsyna. In 1988 he completed coursework at the Jamal Dagestan Art College, receiving a red diploma -- a symbol of scholastic excellence. Kurbanov was immediately accepted into the Repin Institute in St. Petersburg, where he studied with the late Neprintsov. He graduated from the Repin in 1994. Kurbanov strives to combine the techniques of the old masters-Pieter de Hooch and Vermeer are two of his favorites with a contemporary, personal sense of imagery. Biblical and historical references appear alongside modern elements in his paintings, often producing an atmosphere of mystery. Portraiture commands a prominent position in his work. His portraits are intended to be compositions in their own right, in addition to presenting precise, almost photographic likenesses of the sitters. Since graduation Kurbanov has been painting in Russia and abroad.

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Within each artwork, the artist gives us wings to liberate our senses, to make us feel a little more freedom. Let us fight to liberate art, without any ties and restrictions. Let art fill our senses with dreams and emotions that speak to the heart and mind.

Almudena Rodríguez Co-Founder, Advertising Executive The Guide Artists
"Arsen Kurbanov" - Message | 147 x 100 cm . Oil on canvas