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Our magazine has already presented some of the most recognizable names in painting and sculpture. Allowing their work to become accessible to a wide audience.



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IRINA SHARK 🎏 Sculpture

Sculpture is a fascinating medium and has inspired many human beings manipulating forms and materials into meaningful three-dimensional objects. Throughout history, sculpture has dominated and reflected its power and depth of meaning across many cultures and continents.

Today, a large portion of contemporary sculptors still depict the beauty of human form. One of these rising contemporary sculptors is Irina Shark, who has the ability to transform clay into sculpted objects that convey raw emotion and individual character. In her dynamic clay sketching, one can feel the imprint of her fingertips in the moving clay.

Her artwork emulates the Impressionistic style where clay is applied quickly, leaving surface areas rough, catching light and shadows across its surface. Her portraits come to life in its detailed rendering of human form, raw in its representation contrasting with soft, feminine sensibility of detail, giving path to a psychological effect of creating profound beauty of ethereal emotion.



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