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Nudes Paintings May 2021

With the heat coming in a month, we want to show you the most beautiful nudes by artists who are the talk of the town. Because at The Guide Artists we want to be close to the artists and what better way than with this exclusive selection of these 9 nudes in figurative painting.


1. Marcos Campos

⚜️ Marco Campos was born in Costa Rica in 1978. After graduating in Graphic Design, he has worked in advertising and animation for several years. Now he’s pursuing his long held aspiration of becoming an artist. Coming from the digital world and being self-taught for many years, he recently joined an atelier and has attended some workshops to try and learn the techniques of the old masters.


Marco Campos . Reflection . Oil on canvas



2. Congxian Dong


Congxian Dong . Minerva’s Owl 密涅瓦的猫头鹰 . Oil on linen


3. Erin Milan

⚜️ Erin Milan grew up in a small Kansas town. She studied painting at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles and received a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in studio art.
After a hiatus from painting to focus on her family and motherhood, she is now happy to be working again from her studio on Mercer Island.
Milan’s high realism figurative oil paintings explore desire, nourishment, and loss, and what it feels like to be human. She hopes her work expresses the value of the human, and especially female, form.



Erin Milan Whoever is Calm and Sensible is Insane . Oil on linen



4. Nanci France-Vaz


Nanci France-Vaz . Out Of Eden . Oil on panel



5. Daniel Robbins

⚜️ Daniel Robbins is an emerging artist who deftly presents a variety of imagespainterly landscapes, still life compositions, interiors with figurative elements.
Robbins graduated with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has exhibited primarily in Virginia. Robbins works from his studio in Richmond.
“I study the constantly evolving relationship between the natural and the manmade. I present subjects that are ordinary and commonly overlooked with a curious eye. Because I paint from life, I respond honestly and directly to the subject in its environment.”



Daniel Robbins . Terra . Oil on canvas



6. Carla Paine

⚜️ Carla Louise Paine (b. 1982) American, was educated in the traditions and techniques of classical oil painting in Florence, Italy. There, at the Florence Academy of Art, she completed three years of intense study, spending her last trimester in 2010 in Sweden at the Academy’s Scandinavian branch. Prior to that she studied at the highly regarded School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently living in Washington State, Carla has set up a studio on her small farm just outside of the state’s capitol, Olympia.



Carla Paine . Our Road . Oil on linen



7. Aurelio Rodríguez López

⚜️ Aurelio Rodriguez Lopez was born in 1958 in Andalusia. He moved to Madrid in 1976 to train as an engineer but gave up university to pursue his love of art. Like many Spanish artists he took to painting street portraits, first in Madrid where he studied at the Soto Mesa School of Art, then in Marbella and Tenerife, where he studied sculpture with Guillermo Batista Diáz. He now lives and works in Puerto Banús, Marbella.
His portrait talent is built on exceptional drawing skills and throughout his career he has explored and mastered a broad spectrum of techniques and materials. Today he works mainly in pastel, oil and watercolour, on canvas and board but also on acrylic mortar, a foundation of his own creation. He paints portraits, still lifes, nudes and landscapes in realist, hyperrealist and surrealist styles and what he calls magic realism. His work is held in private and public collections in more than fifty countries.



Aurelio Rodriguez Lopez . The Last Atlante . Pastel on board



8. Orley Ypon

⚜️ Orley hails from Toledo, Cebu, Philippines. He discovered a love for art at a very early age, doing portraits of himself and of family and friends throughout his growing years. His art is a result of mainly self-study, with only a couple of semesters at the Cebu Institute of Technology and at the UP Cebu College of Fine Arts as formal training.



Orley Ypon . Art Madness . Oil on canvas



9. Sergio Martínez

⚜️ Sergio Martinez (Santiago, Chile 1966) is an outstanding realist painter. Self- taught, he started painting landscapes and still lives and since 1990s he has focused his learning on the human form. Nudes and portraits have become the most recurrent themes in his work.
Over his artistic lifetime, Sergio has experienced several journeys: in terms of genre, treatment of his subjects, and geography. In 2003, he relocated from his native Chile to Madrid, his new home from where he stays in touch with his artistic network in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.
Sergio’s works grow from an interesting contrast between meticulous planning and an amazing artistic intuition—as he likes to say, “My creative process is lead by instinct and perception; planning just helps me to organize it.”
Sergio is often friends with his models, which allows him to dive deeper into his characters. This, together with his handling of photography and lighting, are key in the various photo sessions he plans in order to delve into ideas, psychological and plastic aspects.



Una Gota de Almizcle . Oil on linen


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