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The Guide Artists envisions a future where everyone is moved by art every day. To get there, we’re expanding the art market to support more artists and art around the world. As the magazine to discover, buy, and sell fine art, The Guide Artists believes that the process of buying art should be as brilliant as art itself. That’s why we’re dedicated to making a joyful, welcoming experience that connects collectors with the artists and artworks they love.



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1975 Born in Alicante, Spain. 1994 Schule für angewandte Kunst, Alicante (Alicante School of Applied Arts and Crafts), Spain.
1995 Faculty of Fine Arts of Granada, Spain. 1996 Faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia, Spain.
1998 Erasmus-Stipendiat, Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Germany.

I have felt more true to my beginnings, now I have created one of the most exclusive magazines art has seen. I always leave my skin in these 43 issues in which I have discovered great artists.

In his paintings he takes a look at: man, God, life or death without causing a wince, as his work, although dramatic, possesses an original combination of humour. Villalba is a natural instigator, an artist of our time who shows us his personal, up-to-date discourse without forgetting the lessons of old masters.


Villalba – Realistic Painting


Realistische Malerei


This paintings focuses on historical scenes, religious imagery, surrealism, fantasy art and science fiction. This imaginative style of art is a legitimate form of human expression, broadening the types of
subjects Mankind can explore and enabling viewers to understand emotions and themes in the real world by abstracting the subjects through unconventional but recognizable imagery.



Villalba – Realistic Painting


Villalba – Realistic Painting


Life, in Villalba’s paintings, flow partially out of nature, youth and something that we hardly feel today, the present moment. Paintings that create a climate of softness, with the artist “Being the generator of
his own history”. His imaginative paintings reflect a relationship with his memories that emanate a feeling of how we would like to merge our present, so common and ordinary yet so powerfully human. The
precision of his technique that makes him an inventor of his own fiction also makes him an extraordinary artist. The perception of his unique paintings leave the viewer dazzled by such detail of the process. We
can all appreciate such impeccable works of art that grow more and more in depth if we do not stop obstructing our gaze upon them. Thus, the perception of his unique paintings point to a new horizon of
tomorrow, Villalba announcing his own moments as the groundbreaking artist of today.



Official Villalba

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The Guide Artists create high quality books with premier artists to produce a full line of art books represent the best international contemporary art.

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